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No company is the same. Our solutions are as unique as your needs and requirements for a product that does exactly what you want. venITure understands and supports you.

Our solution! Our Know-How! Your satisfaction!

According to the Pareto principle, Atlassian products often only meet 80% of a user's requirements. venITure provides the other 20% for you, so that in the end 100% satisfaction is achieved.

Our solutions: Inexpensive and effective

We meet your individual needs quickly and cost-effectively with script solutions or complete Atlassian apps.

Script or Atlassian app?

Script Atlassian app

Scripts are faster and easier to create than Atlassian app and therefore the easiest and most cost-effective solution for your requirements.

Scripts can affect the performance of your system when it comes to extensive tasks. You will not notice a typical script solution in the user interface of your application. A script performs specific recurring tasks in the background, such as calculating existing data fields, merging information or automating events within your workflow.

We rely on Scriptrunner from our partner Adaptavist to execute scripts.

Atlassian apps are adaptations and extensions of your Atlassian product. In addition to graphic adjustments or even complete changes to the user interface and presentation of the application, Atlassian apps also perform hidden, deeper tasks.

You can use an Atlassian app to store your own data, which you enter using your own field types or user-interface modifications. In the context of Jira Service Desk, customizations are usually solved using Atlassian apps. Here it is especially important to offer and manage individual input field types in such a way that the entered information is processed correctly.

Cost-effective Atlassian app development – Achieving more together

Atlassian apps are the optimal solution when it comes to visualization and automation for Atlassian products. The creation of an Atlassian app is often a time-consuming and cost-intensive project, depending on the requirements. We would be happy to carry out a potential analysis for an Atlassian app based on your requirements, to see if it could be subsidized by venITure. Together, we will analyze whether your Atlassian app requirements can be considered as a product extension for the Atlassian Marketplace. In addition to being able to create the Atlassian app at less cost for you, we would also take over responsibility for all further updates.

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