Ensure your quality requirements and a high level of usability by testing your applications early

All developers and producers of software and apps should be aware of the necessity and benefits of testing. Only if a comprehensive examination of the application areas and all functions are carried out during development, can it be guaranteed that using your product on a day-to-day basis is a frustration-free experience.

Cross-platform app testing

In addition to general software testing, venITure specializes in app testing for mobile devices on all common mobile operating systems and platforms. The challenge of quality assurance for mobile apps is down to the many different device variations and environment variables. Especially for end customer products, you need a variety of testers and test devices to ensure the functionality of your mobile app in all environments.

Why you should outsource your app testing?

A major part of the interaction with your customers, especially your end-customers, takes place via mobile applications. In this constantly growing segment, it is important for modern companies to maintain customer satisfaction. This begins with the avoidance of minor errors that negatively influence the user experience and ends with the unconditional prevention of complete system crashes of your mobile apps.

Today's challenges for mobile apps

Mobile apps or mobile web applications contain challenges that are different to those found in traditional software or web applications, not only in a device-specific way, but also in terms of user behavior.

A multitude of different devices, such as mobile phones, tablets or smartwatches, as well as the various operating systems used on these devices, constitutes a challenge. In addition, there are the version differences between the various hardware versions and OS versions, which allow an exponential number of configurations. Application architectures and development environments also influence the stability of mobile apps.

If you want to carry out your own app testing, you have to invest large sums of money in equipment and you need a large number of employees who are familiar with the different device types and OS versions. In addition, your employees need to be trained in the specific test procedures which itself is a time-consuming undertaking.

Influence of user behavior

The user behavior also determines the use and functionality of your app. Is your mobile app mainly used from a WLAN network with a high level of bandwidth availability or is it an app that traditionally only uses mobile data traffic?

What venITure can provide for you in app testing

We adapt our mobile app testing to your wishes and requirements and use our experience to draw your attention to test cases that could be decisive for your app. Furthermore we support you in the quality assurance of internal specialist applications.

Outsourcing saves you money, time and nerves. You focus on developing your mobile app and content. We provide you with rapid and continuous results, enabling you to publish your app at shorter intervals.

venITure test with real employees on real and original devices

Save costs - We have the mobile devices of your target group

We do not only have a dedicated testing team on the latest devices and operating systems from the three market leaders Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone, but we also maintain a large number of older devices and OS versions. In this way, we ensure that your target group is covered as comprehensively as possible and that your apps function error-free on all systems. This means no investment and acquisition costs as we keep the test equipment in stock for you.

Scalable test teams sizes

Do you have flexible development periods and want to keep your costs low? Then a small test team may be enough for you. You want a large number of results quickly, then fall back on our more extensive test teams. The number of our testers and test hours is freely scalable according to your requirements. Our testers are continuously trained in the test procedures we apply thanks to internal and external further training. Added to this is the experience gained from the large number of successful mobile app test procedures already conducted.

Testing – Methods

Our testing methods are tailored to your needs or the requirements of your test cases. You don't have any test cases ready yet? We would be happy to develop the test cases you need together with you. The more individually a test case is tailored to your mobile app, the more efficient and effective the testing and the result reports will be.

  • Regression testing
  • Functional testing
  • Usability testing
  • User-Experience-Testing
  • Performance testing

Cooperation in the testing process

We provide the necessary dedicated test team that understands your business requirements and can also explain the errors and problems to your technicians and developers in technical terms.

If your developers already use a ticketing system, we deliver the results and errors found directly to your system. This allows your developers to fix the bugs found in their familiar working environment as quickly as possible. The cooperation does not end at this point because even solved error messages are checked again by our testers to ensure that the error really has been corrected. You do not have a suitable ticket system for working with an external tester yet? Trust in venITure as a full-service provider and we will find a joint solution with you.

We use software support for all test procedures, thus reducing the process effort, while simultaneously increasing transparency with automatic reports.

Software testing

Testing and validating software cannot start early enough. venITure brings experienced testers and developers together at one table and ensures early and comprehensive software testing. Errors and undesirable developments are avoided at an early stage of development. Our software testing can thus prevent undesirable and expensive developments and time-consuming correction runs. For software testing we rely on experienced technical testers who produce clear, precise and usable test results. Unlike many other providers, we start directly with the requirements capture, since errors can be eliminated at that stage, early and cheaply. In this way we avoid subsequent errors which can only be corrected in later phases with a great deal of time and cost. We are in a position to combine technical understanding and specialist knowledge in order to identify and correct undesirable developments and process errors directly in the requirements capture process.

Avoid the possibility of system blindness among your developers and use the potential of an external view of your software. We help you to detect errors and thus ensure that the software meets your requirements and operating methods.

Our testing areas at a glance:

  • Accessibility (checking the accessibility of your application in the network and Internet)
  • Security (vulnerability and security exploits)
  • Usability (GUI and user acceptance)
  • Integration (interface test and connection check with existing applications)
  • Stability and performance (load test and response time)
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