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Nowadays, not only end users but also specialists are using apps more and more frequently in their everyday lives. App development is more important than ever these days. Only a few companies are able to create functional and above all compatible apps for their services and offers. venITure offers rapid results as well as modern programming possibilities in the field of app development. We also test the functionality of the apps developed for you with our dedicated test teams. As with our Atlassian consulting, the "all-from-one source" principle applies here as well. We develop and thoroughly test apps so that in the end you have a product that is ready for use.

This makes custom app development an attractive option for many companies.

Business applications for process optimization

Process optimization and digital transformation are not limited to software tools for process control. The combination of our expertise in the areas of digital project management, agile software development and mobile apps enables us to implement comprehensive process optimization for your company.

Especially mobile applications can save resources and reduce costs as part of process optimization. Enable your employees to start work processes or document information automatically by using Near Field Communication Technology (NFC chips) or QR codes. Make your company smarter by making use of your employees' existing knowledge. In their private lives, almost every employee will be used to a smartphone and mobile apps - utilize this existing knowledge and save on training and education costs when creating user-friendly apps.

We also support you in mastering the challenges of the latest technologies. Use Augmented Reality, Blockchain Technology and other disruptive technology in a meaningful context.

Application examples:

  • Enable your IT service staff to solve and process service tickets directly on site at the hardware, via a smartphone or tablet
  • Let your employees document working hours via smartphone
  • Access necessary device documentation directly via Asset ID by scanning a QR code or reading out an NFC chip

Digitize products that were not digital before!

The documentation of processes is becoming increasingly important, not only when it comes to ensuring quality standards and quality assurance. However, proper and comprehensive documentation is often perceived as a burden by employees and companies. We show you how the creation of comprehensive documentation becomes an automatic by-product of your work processes, thereby reducing your employees' workloads.

We are open to new challenges

Your business processes are too unique to be handled by standard software? Even our Atlassian add-on development does not help you? Contact us and we will take on the challenge of producing the product that you need.

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